Clothing with a story.

itu meaning ‘the’ in Indonesian, vana meaning ‘ultimate bliss’ in Sanskrit and ‘forest’ in Hindi

encouraging the discovery of individual style through self expression.

Born in the fall of 2019, ituvana is a place of experiences, emotions, and clothing inspired by Indonesian and Indian tradition.


In limited collections ituvana provides clothing produced in India using high quality natural fabric. Each piece exudes natural charm making it a ‘re-wearable statement piece’ of artful construction and versatile nature. Its fluid composition allows inclusivity while retaining individuality and comfort.

Our founder believes that our identity is shaped by an accumulation of moments that add up to our present self and
who we aspire to be.


Having worked in major fashion houses and attended film school in the heart of New York City, she was inspired to combine the two to help express the self through clothing to encourage change and creativity.

Each season ituvana will make a script come to life with a story to tell and an emotion to feel.


“Studying performing arts allowed me to tap into my true emotions, voice my opinions and get rid of any inhibitions. It opened me up to different ideologies, people and so on.”


We at ituvana encourage you to evolve, inspire, and embrace change.

Step outside of familiar territory and do things. #ituvanadoingthings


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