Born from an instinctive desire to bridge accessible luxury with simplicity, ituvana is more than just a fashion brand.
Intricate detailing, creative artistry, and a standard for high quality durable natural fabrics sets ituvana apart from fast fashion. 
Board Ituvana Philosophy
Our label is designed to be trans-seasonal with silhouettes and fabrics that work all year round.
For day wear, we work with organic cotton or linen, which are highly sustainable materials.
For evening wear, we choose silk, which is a natural, durable yet biodegradable material.
Board Ituvana Philosophy
Best known for our free-flowing creative cuts, the beauty of our label lies in the details.
We take pride in working with intricate and skilled creative techniques that elevate and add a sense of edge to our otherwise laid back silhouettes.
We always try to incorporate a ‘twist’ or a surprise element in our garments encouraging self discovery and expression.  Contrast stitching, colour blocking, hooded silhouettes, hand cut and hand sewn appliqué and traditional weaving are some of our signature brand trademarks.
ituvana’s garments offer a truly distinctive style to bons-vivants, wordly travellers and highly evolved luxury consumers who have a passion to reconnect with the outside world powered by a search for meaning and new experiences with a desire for subtle or “quiet” signals.