'SAMCARA VANA' and Finding my Atman Self

'SAMCARA VANA' and Finding my Atman Self

December 2, 2020



 Samcara meaning 'development' or 'evolution' and Vana meaning 'ultimate bliss' in Sanskrit, encourages one to search within and realise her atman or real self, by diving deeper into her personality.



During lockdown I had the desire to dive deeper. Not just in my scuba suit. But also to get a broader understanding of myself


I decided to take on The Vedanta, and began to feel a sense of inner peace and belonging 


The Vedanta is one of the world's most ancient spiritual philosophies based on the the Vedas or the sacred scriptures of India. The literal translation of 'Vedanta' is the end of knowledge, 'ved' means knowledge and 'anta' means end 


I wanted to incorporate the knowledge I had gathered into SCENE II

I divided the campaign into six stages or steps that I felt were beneficial in getting to know ones ‘atman’ or ‘real self’ 



Atman or real self
Svadhyaya or self analysis
Vairagya or renunciation, detachment
Manana or deep state of thinking
Atman Jnana or self realisation
Bodhi or enlightenment,


in that order



Atman or real self




Atman in Sanskrit means inner self, or soul
Our real self is the abode of eternal peace and happiness. Those who have directed their search inward can reach a state of ultimate bliss or vana




Svadhyaya or self analysis


introspection is a process of self observation 
introspection is a process of self observation 


Svadhyaya in Sanskrit means one's own reading

we discover ourselves by turning introvert, through introspection or enquiry of within, to reach the divine core of our personality



Vairagya or renunciation, detachment 




Vairagya in Sanskrit means renunciation

renunciation paves the way to prosperity and peace in life
the more we renounce, the more peaceful we are, the more the world courts us



Manana or a deep state of thinking


shredding the unnecessary to reveal her true self 


Manana in Sanskrit means a deep a state of thinking without joy or grief
the principle underlying meditation is: as we think, so we become

the divine self is polluted with thoughts, the thought of the mantra displaces all other thoughts and itself disappears in the heat of meditation; exposing the supreme self that lies beyond thought ✨



Atman Jnana or Self- Realisation


our divine aspirations lift us to the higher, edify us 💫
Atman Jnana in Sanskrit means knowledge of the self or atman



Bodhi or Enlightenment



Bodhi in Sanskrit means the knowledge or awakened intellect

after enlightenment we become fully aware of our divinity

the moment we realise ourself, none of these external changes and disturbances affect us

we remain peaceful and blissful, revelling in our own self 🌹



collaboration with little shilpa's headgears





Made in 100% silk, 100% cotton and 100% linen 


Samcara Vana is a series of comfortable yet timeless silhouettes


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using a classic muted color palette representing our desire for a meditative state of mind   


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