It Was You

It Was You



 It was you, who allowed me to find myself among the noise and craziness.  

It was you, who let me let loose, scream, and feel anonymous, but also deeply connected to myself and to my surroundings.


 As I walked through Mercer street with my headphones in, blasting GoldLink while singing from the top of my lungs. Sometimes I danced too. One person commented along the way "You do you!" but he was the only one. 


It was you, who helped me learn what I would and wouldn't tolerate from life. 


It was you, who taught me to embrace change and the importance of letting go. 


It was you, who once said to me, the two most important things in life are having fun and learning. And if you can find someone, or better yet, some place, that give you both, you're in good hands. 


It was you, who accelerated my self-growth and dared me to confront my demons. 


It was you, who taught me the one anchor I can rely on is myself. 


It was also you, who taught me to mix alphabets around in life. Before, I used to react. Now, I create. 


I created a place of ituvana. A place of experiences, emotions, and clothing. 


And lastly, it was you, who let me be


New York, I love you.