'AJNA VANA' and trusting my intuition

'AJNA VANA' and trusting my intuition



 Ajna meaning 'perceive' or 'beyond wisdom' and Vana meaning ‘forest’ in Sanskrit, inspiring one to trust their intuition, insight, inspiration and imagination



"We thought of our muse as a solo explorer who has woken up in this new landscape, so a certain discomfort that comes from an unfamiliar setting but also the curiosity (which is fundamental to the explorer) to discover and understand this new place and it's elements are what would drive the mood / body language / situational awareness for me in this shoot"

 Porus Vimadalal, photographer 


"She arrives there through deep meditation, dance, writing, painting, prayer making, singing, drumming, active imagination, deeply creative arts, intentional solitude, or any activity which requires intense altered consciousness"

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves 




We created a set featuring an abstract of bones, the sun, and 'objects' of the desert to typify the entire process for bringing a women to her full instinctual wildest senses

Our work is to show we have been breathed upon - to show, give it out, sing it out, live it out in the topside world what we have received through our sudden knownings, from body, from dreams and journeys of all sorts


Our work is to apprehend the timing of both; to allow what must die to die, and what must live to live  


In Mexico, women are said to carry la luz de la vida, or the light of life. This light is located in her ovaries, where all the seed stock is laid down before she is even born


So when something is lost, we must go to the old woman who always lives in the out-of-the-way-pelvis 


If a woman holds on to this gift of being old while she is young and young when she is old, she will always know what comes next. If she has lost it, she can yet reclaim it with some purposeful psychic work 



The wolf bones in this story represent the
indestructible aspect of the wild self, the instinctual nature, the criatura dedicated to freedom, and the unspoiled, that which will never accept the rigors and requirements of a dead or overly civilizing culture 

Within us is the potential to be fleshed out again as the creature we once were. Within us are the bones to change ourselves and our world. Within us is the breath and our truths and our longings - together they are the song, the creation hymn we have been yearning to sing

The self must have freedom to move, to speak, to be angry, and to create. This self is durable, resilient, and possesses high intuition



Shoot Collaborations, Little Shilpa, Orukami Orgami


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